Convenient, fast and easy to use for everyone worldwide.

Physical and virtual debit cards in various currencies.

Simply pay all over the world.

Withdraw cash in any national currency

Sellflexa Debit Mastercard

Simply register and order in the shop. We send the card with insured shipping.


Virtual Sellflexa Card

Online shopping, by ordering the Sellflexa plastic card we automatically create the Virtual Sellflexa Card.


Sellflexa Privat Card Service – total solution

The transition phase to cashless payment transactions begins.

It is extremely important to get a comprehensive overall solution with the best applications from first hand.


  • Physical mastercard
  • Virtual mastercard
  • IBAN account (bank account for private or business)
  • Mobile Payment TAP & PAY (pay with your smartphone)
  • Travel app (your concierge when traveling, including hotel and taxi app)
  • Automatic Tax Refund
  • Management of bonus, loyalty and mileage cards with autom. Bonus detection
  • Affiliate system (recommendation) with a reward up to 10 levels (participation in card fees)
  • TRX Exchange – full exchange integration for exchanging cryptocurrencies